It’s dark in there, I know. Everyone expects you to be fine, to be over it by now.

But being a warfighter is a spiritual calling. And that calling IMG_0619doesn’t end when you get home. The weight you carry on your soul isn’t meant to be carried alone. Except no one seems to know that.

It hurts. You ache. No one can see who you are, the nightmares that terrify you, the insomnia, the sense that you will never be the same.

You’re angry. You’re tired. You’re grieving. You’re lost in a life you’re supposed to know how to live, people you love keep leaving you. You’ve changed, they say.

You miss war. Miss it terribly. You don’t know how to find your way through this civilian hell….and every day the thought of just ending it runs through your tired mind.

There is hope for you.

Visit lifeafterwar.org for guidance on the real shit no one wants to talk about, and to connect with me. I will listen to what is beneath your surface and help you find your way forward.

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